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Longborough Festival Opera audience raises over £300,000

Almost 1,000 audience members due to attend Longborough Festival Opera this season have chosen to donate the value of their tickets, generating a fund of over £300,000. Longborough would like to thank its audience and members for this...

The Academy of Ancient Music launches Musicians’ Support fund

The Academy of Ancient Music (AAM) has launched a Musicians’ Support fund for its musicians who have lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic. In four weeks, the fund has raised almost £30,000, all of which will be distributed to AAM musicians during May 2020. Liz...

Feeling musically adventurous? Here’s a Lucky Seven selection from Toccata Classics – Alexander Brincken, Fridrich Bruk, Steve Elcock, Vincent Persichetti, Vissarion Shebalin, Ronald Stevenson, Agnes Zimmermann

What a catalogue of discoveries Martin Anderson (no relation) has built up for his Toccata Classics label. The vast majority of what follows are first recordings, presented with generously informative booklets. Alexander Brincken Orchestral Music, Volume One. Brincken...