I have belatedly become a fan of this BBC Two programme (Mondays at 22:00). I am sorry to have missed whatever episodes (certainly the first one) that preceded my debut with Alma two weeks ago, and even then it was ‘accidental’ viewing; I had nodded off, TV on, and awoke to something intriguing that soon became a must-watch.

Alma’s Not Normal is rude and crude, possibly offensive, yet also very funny and earthily realistic.

The cast is uniformly excellent (and includes Dave Spikey, who replaced Jim Bowen as the host of Bullseye: see, I don’t just spend my time listening to Bruckner and Birtwistle), headed by Alma, played by the rather likeable Sophie Willan [pictured] – she is also the show’s writer – one of those people you form an immediate attachment with, despite in this instance the barrier of the small screen, not least because I rather fancy she’s being herself as Alma (hello I’m Alma, but meet Sophie); after all, Alma’s Not Normal is described as being “semi-autobiographical”.

I appreciate that if you share my enthusiasm then you are ahead of me, probably since episode one. Last night’s was the fourth. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09r3qkh