Beijing, February 7, 2022 – World-renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, internationally-acclaimed Chinese pianist Lang Lang and famous Chinese soprano Lei Jia have united for a brand new song ‘Forever You and Me’ – a musical gift to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. It is released today in collaboration with Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles and available worldwide via Universal Music Group

A cultural gift presented by distinguished musicians from China and Italy – as Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo will host the Olympic Winter Games in 2026 – ‘Forever You and Me’ is sung in both Chinese and English languages by Andrea Bocelli and Lei Jia, with Lang Lang on piano. The song is composed by Shu Nan with lyrics from Zhang Heping

Andrea Bocelli says: “It is a great joy for me to collaborate with two extraordinary Chinese artists – the soprano Lei Jia (who was a happy surprise for me) and the pianist Lang Lang: a dear friend, with whom making music is always a moment of great artistic enhancement. As an artist, I believe it is my responsibility to be able to speak to everyone’s heart. It was an honor to be able to give my modest contribution to the most grand sports event on earth, which takes place in a country that I love and where one third of the world’s population lives; a country extraordinarily rich in history of thousands of years. Culture and art, at every latitude, is an instrument of mutual understanding and precious support for the development and peace of the world, bringing people together and immediately eliminating any possible mistrust.” 

Lang Lang adds: “The song is very beautifully written which strikes a chord with my heart. I hope it brings people together around the world through its wonderful harmonies and uplifting message. Andrea and I have worked together on many musical works before and Lei Jia has also been a good friend of mine for many years. It is a pleasure to work with them to present a musical gift to the Winter Games.” 

Lei Jia comments: “To me ‘Forever You and Me’ is an echo or recollection of Beijing Summer Olympics 14 years ago. It also calls out an image of Beijing as world’s first dual Olympic city. The melody is warm and touching, the lyrics evoke Chinese culture. We’d love to share our passion for the sports of snow and ice with everyone in the world. I believe the song will stay in the hearts of people around the globe.” 

Composer Shu Nan says: “China has changed a lot in the past a decade or so. Beijing became the first city in history to hold the Games in two seasons. I’ve been thinking, how can I unfold our story and embrace the world? My answer was to combine national and international in my composing. I’m so thrilled this song has brought together Lei Jia, Andrea Bocelli and Lang Lang to work together, making it a musical gift to Beijing Winter Olympics. I remember it was during the new year holidays when our artists started to record their parts – I worked with Lei Jia in Beijing, and Andrea Bocelli recorded his part from Milan, while Lang Lang was in Paris to record the piano. It couldn’t be done without the devotion and hard work of all three extraordinary artists. The collaboration was a testament of what the song stands for – let’s stay together for a shared future, regardless east or west, past or present, national or international.” 

Long-time collaborators Zhang Heping and Shu Nan believe the new song reflects the traditional Chinese philosophy of “the ultimate truth shall be of ultimate simplicity”. With its simple but meaningful lyrics, tender yet powerful tunes, ‘Forever You and Me’ is an ode to Olympic spirit – peace, friendship and unity, calling for togetherness, co-operation and hope. 

‘Forever You and Me’ is released worldwide by Universal Music Group and is available digitally now.