The great if underestimated Fourth Concerto, in its final revision, is placed first, a difficult work to blend and balance in its opening measures where numerous details must be distinct yet seem related, generally well-managed here, slightly cautious tempo though, if without quite matching Ashkenazy/Haitink (Decca). Yet, overall, this is a fine and engaging performance, with Anna Fedorova as much a poetess as a virtuoso, and her fingers are very agile, a boon in the Finale. Sinfonieorchester St Gallen (Switzerland) is well-prepared by Modestas Pitrenas in a reading that is responsive and fervent, if at times lacking impetus, although the very end of the first movement needed a retake given an inaccuracy from the pianist (in a concert it wouldn’t have mattered).

The Second Concerto is the bigger challenge, partly because it hangs around every corner waiting to ambush the listener, concert-planning and discographically speaking (two versions by the composer). Fedorova and partners find no need to do something for the sake of it, to add novelty, while also making sure that it is worthier than being just ‘another’ recording of a firm favourite, here with spirit and largesse. Channel Classics CCS42522.