Lang Lang, Yunchan Lim, Kaori Muraji, Yutaka Sado, and Hayato Sumino among newly appointed artist ambassadors

Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Disney on CLASSIC, New Japan Philharmonic, Lotte Concert Hall, NCPA Orchestra, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Suntory Hall, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tongyeong International Music Festival become partner organizations

Apple Music Classical, the standalone app designed specifically for classical music, is now available in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Beginning today, Apple Music subscribers can download and enjoy the Apple Music Classical app as part of their existing subscription at no additional cost. 

Apple Music Classical makes it quick and easy to find any recording in the world’s largest classical music catalog with fully optimized search, and listeners can enjoy the highest audio quality available and experience many classical favorites in a whole new way with immersive Spatial Audio. The combination of Apple Music Classical and Apple Music provides a complete music experience for everyone, from longtime classical fans to first-time listeners, and everyone in between.

Apple Music Classical is the ultimate classical experience, with hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of exclusive recordings, insightful composer biographies, deep-dive guides for many key works, intuitive browsing features, and much more.  

Apple Music Classical offers:

  • The world’s largest classical music catalog with over 5 million tracks and works, from new releases to celebrated masterpieces.
  • The ability to search and browse by composer, work, conductor, instrument, periods, orchestra or choir, and find specific recordings instantly.
  • An interface designed for Classical Music with complete and accurate metadata to make sure users know exactly what work and which artist is playing.
  • The highest audio quality (up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless) with thousands of recordings in immersive Spatial Audio.
  • Thousands of exclusive recordings.
  • Thousands of editorial notes, including insightful composer biographies, descriptions of thousands of key works, and more.

“Everything we do comes down to our deep love for music,” said Oliver Schusser, global lead for Apple Music. “Classical is so foundational to music of all genres but until now there was no great streaming experience available for artists and fans. We believe Apple Music Classical solves that problem, with the largest classical music selection in the world, the very best search and browse capabilities, the best premium sound experience with Spatial Audio, thousands of exclusive recordings from the world’s most incredible artists and so much more. I’m so proud of this app and I am excited to make it available to even more listeners all around the world today.”

Apple is working closely with some of the most prolific classical music artists and renowned classical music institutions in the world to offer Apple Music Classical listeners new, unique, and exclusive content and recordings at launch and beyond. 

Lang Lang, Yunchan Lim, Kaori Muraji, Yutaka Sado, and Hayato Sumino join Yo-Yo Ma and Hilary Hahn, among others, as artist ambassadors.

Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Disney on CLASSIC, New Japan Philharmonic, Lotte Concert Hall, NCPA Orchestra, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Suntory Hall, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tongyeong International Music Festival become partner organizations, joining a list of the leading international venues and orchestras that includes the Berlin Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, Opéra national de Paris, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, and the Vienna Philharmonic.

Exclusive content from the ambassador artists and partner organizations will be continually made available on the app, alongside exclusive curated playlists from Belle Chen, Yo-Yo Ma, Yunchan Lim, Alice Sara Ott, and Yaffle, and classical sessions with Cocomi, Esmé Quartet, Mao Fujita, Wang Yue Han, Chang Jing, and Lang Lang.

“Apple Music Classical directs me towards a hidden album that I didn’t know of in the vast world of music recordings”, said Lim. “I particularly enjoy the possibility of making playlists by choosing album covers and tracklists as if they were my own albums! This is my favourite hobby and a source of happiness for me. This is possible thanks to Apple Music Classical’s best sound quality in the world and their enormous music library. Indeed, when I hear music I want to feel the things I have never experienced in my life. Through music you can imagine the wind on the top of a mountain, hear the sound of flowers blooming, you can take a walk with a beautiful person, and – the most important – you can dream! Music trespasses boundaries and connects people. Indeed, when Music speaks, everyone understands. This is the message I like to share through my music – and this is possible thanks to Apple Music Classical. I’m incredibly proud to collaborate with Apple Music Classical worldwide and to share my musical dreams.”

“I am thrilled to see Apple Music’s new classical music app provide an enriched and more immersive experience for classical music lovers,” said Lang Lang. “As I strive to inspire more kids and young people to discover classical music, I would like to the see the app’s accessibility and user-friendly interface draw in new audiences. I look forward to partnering with Apple Music Classical in pursuing the mission to pass on the love for the great universe of classical music to future generations.”

“Music has long been shaped by the development of technology to explore new possibilities,” said Sumino. “Apple Music Classical is exactly the kind of technology we need today, making classical music more accessible and expanding opportunities for new discoveries. I am thrilled that Apple’s cutting-edge technology will allow me, and many other Japanese music fans, to experience a richer world of classical music.”

Listeners will also enjoy brand-new, exclusive artwork, including a series of unique, high-resolution digital portraits for many of the world’s greatest composers, such as Nie Er, Nan-pa Hong, Toshiro Mayuzumi, Xian Qinghai, Rentarō Taki, Yuzo Toyama, Kōsaku Yamada, Isang Yun, and Huang Zi. Specially commissioned from a diverse group of artists, each image blends historical research with colour palettes and artistic references from the relevant classical period. The results display an astonishing attention to detail, bringing listeners face to face with leading classical figures like never before.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who was involved in early conversations about the need for such an app, commented: “Apple Music Classical is your wormhole to get you to travel through time and geography to primary sources of what people were actually listening to, way before recorded music. And there’s nothing more important today, I feel, than for people to have access to primary sources. Music, classical music is not just about sounds and European music, it’s about ideas and the ideas that came from that music, that propelled that music, were the very ideas that propelled us to invent — in science, in nation building, in economics. And so to have a primary source gets us to the very moment of invention, of successful invention. We are living in a very complex time period where we need to have hope, legitimate hope so that we can renew ourselves and get to a future we can believe in. So, let’s celebrate.”

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  • The app requires an Apple Music subscription (Individual, Student, Family, or Apple One).
  • Apple Music Classical is available for all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 15.4 or later, and for Android.
  • To listen to music on Apple Music Classical, users must have an internet connection.