The programme will support over 1000 teachers across the country, training them to spot the next generation of musical talent and creating new opportunities for children and young people to experience the positive impact of music education.

AYM is also recruiting ten new Associate Facilitators to help with the expansion of the programme. They are looking for confident, creative musicians who are passionate about increasing access to music making for disadvantaged young people.

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AYM’s Chief Executive Hester Cockcroft comments: “Musical talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Financial and social obstacles too often get in the way. Young people shouldn’t be denied the chance to explore their musical potential because they’ve never had the chance to play an instrument, or because their class teacher isn’t musically trained. With Arts Council England’s support, we are now able to help thousands more teachers around the country address this fundamental inequity, by training them to spot early potential in a child, no matter their background or family finances.”

 Hannah Fouracre, Director of Music Education, Arts Council England, says: “Every young person should have the opportunity for their talent to be recognised, and to reach their full potential. This is why progression, excellence and fairness are central to achieving our shared vision for music as set out in the National Plan for Music Education. Identifying Musical Talent and Potential will have a significant impact on helping teachers give talented young people the guidance and support they need, unlocking the full range of local and national support for young musicians in this country.”

The programme combines face-to-face training and a series of brand new online film resources to highlight key facets of musical potential. The facilitators use creative musical activities to help teachers identify potential in young people in a wide range of educational contexts.

To date, Identifying Musical Talent and Potential has worked with over 1,500 music educators and 17 Music Education Hubs across England, developing the skills they need to spot the next generation of musical talent.