Singers, Strings …  and a Recorder Player

The interval since BBT’s last announcement of its biennial awards and fellowships in early 2020 has been one of pandemic, lockdown, disruption and difficulty for many musicians, 

especially the younger ones just beginning to establish their careers.  In recognition of these exceptional circumstances, BBT has generously increased its funding for 2022 and 

granted four Awards (£30,000 each) and five Fellowships (£20,000 each):


Anastasia Kobekina cello [pictured]

Geneva Lewis violin  

James Newby baritone

Ema Nikolovska  mezzo-soprano


Consone Quartet string quartet

Alessandro Fisher tenor

Zlatomir Fung cello

Lucie Horsch recorder

Theodore Platt baritone

BBT awards are always about more than money. The Trust has a wealth of experience and contacts to offer and, as well as assisting with practical needs, 

also encourages these young musicians to create imaginative projects that will help develop their future careers.

These awards are announced on 17 March to mark the birthday of the late Franco Buitoni who co-founded BBT with his wife Ilaria Borletti Buitoni.