Dear Friends of the BPO,

It is hard to know where to begin to talk about the challenges and accomplishments of the 2020-21 season, but the one thing we know is that your orchestra not only persevered, it has come out stronger. As it became clear the pandemic was not going away so quickly and mandates shut down so much of our world, our strategic goals, while remaining consistent, had to be articulated as questions to be answered; problems to solve: How could we maintain, let alone grow our audience without live concerts? How could we advance the artistry when we were unable to utilize the full orchestra or bring in guest artists? How could we operate with excellence when there was no way to generate earned revenue through ticket sales?How could we stay relevant and beneficial to our community? This year’s Report to the Community will outline some of the most important achievements as to how we answered those questions. Through all of it, it was you, our loyal patrons, that carried the day. Your support did not waver, and for that we are eternally grateful. We applaud the bravery, resilience and creativity of our outstanding musicians and staff. Their determination and dedication made it possible to fulfill our mission under the most trying of circumstances. We also thank our thoughtful and generous Trustees who continue to help guide the organization through these turbulent times. While it may be some time before we ever return to something approaching normal we know that the BPO will be here, enriching our community as it has done for nearly 90 years now. We look forward to seeing you at a concert soon!

Warm regards,
John Yurtchuk Board Chair
JoAnn Falletta Music Director
Daniel Hart President & Executive Director