Canterbury Cathedral Choir Looks to Appoint Music Educator to Develop Cathedral’s Community Engagement Through Music

Canterbury Cathedral is seeking to appoint a music educator as Singing Partnerships Lead for September 2023. This is a new position which marks the start of an exciting new direction for the Cathedral’s Music Department, where the successful candidate will be responsible, in consultation with David Newsholme the Director of Music, for developing and implementing the Cathedral’s strategy for community engagement through music.

The role – Singing Partnerships Lead – will play a leading role in developing partnerships with local schools, and with other local and national musically focussed institutions, and will collaboratively design and deliver opportunities for high-quality musical engagement with a wide range of people, particularly children, from all backgrounds.

This new direction for the Cathedral’s music outreach will see developed a series of activities to take place at the Cathedral, or in the Cathedral’s Precincts, which furthers the Cathedral’s aim to bring musical opportunity to as many people as possible from all walks of life. These might, for example, include an early-years choir, a choir for those suffering from neurodegenerative conditions, and singing workshops for young adults.

The Cathedral recently announced that, from September 2023, membership of its choirs will be open to children attending any school, (boys aged 8-13, and girls aged 12-18), without the need for boy choristers to board. The Singing Partnerships Lead will also take a significant role in facilitating pathways to choristerships at the Cathedral for children with excellent musical ability.

David Newsholme, Director of Music Canterbury Cathedral, said: ‘Canterbury Cathedral takes great pride in the role music has within its community and the transformative power it holds. This appointment of the Singing Partnership Lead will help children across the area benefit from the life-changing experience that music offers and will give them a vital window and pathway into life as a chorister that they might not have had access to in the past. This will ensure that music-making in our cathedral will not just survive but will evolve and flourish whilst ensuring the continuation of the choir for generations to come.’

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