Not that I rely on TV for so-called entertainment, not with the mountain of music I have for enlightenment, but this year’s TV offerings are so unappealing: regurgitated scheduling. Only three things have caught my attention (all BBC if a very poor percentage): today it’s The Vicar of Dibley on BBC One (you know the episode, the one in which Geraldine has three Christmas lunches in a matter of hours); tomorrow Casablanca (BBC Two), the classic film with Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and scene-stealer Claude Rains; and Sunday it’s Match of the Day (BBC One), if there’s any football still on to show, the matches at Liverpool and at Wolves are already Covid-postponed.

I am determined to avoid the numerous commercial channels for at least a few days because I am sick and tired of programmes being interrupted by so many adverts (usually bizarre and irritating) and over-hyped & -exposed trailers. At least fifteen minutes of these shoddy saboteurs in any one hour is too much too often; I use the mute button or the ‘off’ switch quite a lot these days while issuing foul oaths and curses.

I must though check the schedule for BBC Radio 4 Extra … a beacon of hope, especially for vintage comedy.