The recently late Lars Vogt,, recorded this collection in November last year. He drives the first movement of the G-minor Concerto with fleet fingers and a growling bass, and also shapely phrasing to contrast the high-octane approach, further achieved by the meltingly lovely Andante, with the moto perpetuo Finale scintillating to the finishing post. Vogt is no-less passionate in the D-minor work if appreciative of its mellifluous qualities, and the need to explore the soul of the music, which he does with touching expression, a bond formed with the Parisian players, to intimately realise the Adagio, and then the Finale scampers delightfully, Mendelssohn not forsaking his tunesmith abilities. Rounding this release is the Capriccio brillant, here indeed is caprice and brilliance (sometimes titles say it all) and with a word for the woodwind players’ dexterity. Closely balanced/vivid sound. Ondine ODE 1400-2.

Lars Vogt’s farewell to the piano, Brahms, is here: