The Council of Music Makers (CMM) is incredibly disappointed to see the CMA’s analysis of the streaming market in its report published yesterday. Music streaming presents many significant issues for music makers and we had hoped for a full CMA investigation into elements of the market that we feel are directly competition related.

The CMA’s report does not adequately consider the impact of the current streaming market on music makers or recognise that there are distortions or restrictions in the market.

The CMM members will now fully focus our combined efforts on the Intellectual Property Office’s workstreams into transparency, equitable remuneration, rights reversion, metadata and contract adjustment. We remain adamant that significant change is required to deliver a fairer deal for our members on music streaming. We will forcefully work towards legislative intervention if the ongoing IPO process does not deliver meaningful change.

The Musicians’ Union and The Ivors Academy react with disappointment to CMA report published today.