Hamburg, 6 December 2022: With »Save the Concert«, the Elbphilharmonie is adding a free, browser-based escape game to its digital offering. Seven exciting puzzles must be solved to ensure a concert can go ahead. The game uses photo and video material from the Elbphilharmonie, offering exclusive insights into areas that are usually only open to staff and artists. Click here to go directly to the escape game:

Saving a concert while getting to know the Elbphilharmonie: in the new browser-based Elbphilharmonie escape game, players can immerse themselves in the fascinating backstage world of the iconic Hamburg concert hall. Missing stage lights, a damaged instrument and chaos in the orchestra – and all at the worst possible time! The musician is trying to find his way to the stage, the audience to their seats. As a member of the Elbphilharmonie team, the player is responsible for saving the season’s most important concert. Seven exciting levels test the player’s mental dexterity to the limit, with traditional word problems as well as an auditory challenge.

Shortly before the concert is due to start, the Elbphilharmonie’s event manager calls for help: the violin of the fictitious musician Paganono arrives damaged at the airport. Secret codes must now be solved, musical works identified and pictures classified. Each level features a unique design, and is suitable for all teenagers and adults who love games and puzzles. As a reward, an exclusive discount code awaits anyone who successfully completes the challenge. The escape game can be played in English or German, and includes a transcription function for people with hearing impairments. The game is played in the browser, and there is no need to download apps or print out any materials.

The Elbphilharmonie escape game »Save the Concert« was developed in partnership with the Hamburg-based digital agency Pop Rocket Labs.