Saturday, January 1, 2022

Golden Hall, Musikverein, Vienna

This is not a review, which can wait until Sony issues its recording, soon,, rather it’s more a few passing remarks as Daniel Barenboim conducts this annual concert for the third time and in his eightieth-birthday year (the date being November 15).

The Golden Hall was restricted in audience numbers due to Covid; 1,000 punters made the auditorium half-full. The music-making was lively, poised and stylish – as you would expect – if less than sparkling, and if there wasn’t the same frisson as distinguished a couple of recent years, Thielemann in 2019,, and Muti last year,, then there were some rarities that piqued one’s interest, such as a phoenix-inspired waltz, and attractively relaxed accounts (dour to some, I suspect) of the familiar items, such as another waltz, Morning Papers.

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