2022/2023 – The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra introduces its new
concert season and presents its new homepage.

Corona has shown that the connection to our city and to the audience is more
important than ever. In order to build further on these connections, we are breaking
new ground. Everything must become easier, faster and shorter directly to your seat
through your smartphone. Introducing a digital programme booklet and podcasts
informing audiences in advance about the concert, our soloists greet the audience via
Instagram, and the Wolfgang app replaces the classic programme booklet in some
concerts for all those who want information directly in the concert quickly and digitally.
For this purpose, we have completely rebuilt our homepage and provided it with
everything that music enthusiasts of all ages should know about the Dresden
Philharmonic and its concerts.

Frauke Roth, artistic director of the Dresden Philharmonic:
“Building bridges, in the broadest sense, sums up what we’re all about in the new
season: we’re appealing to younger people with new series, young artist’s, digital
offerings such as the Wolfgang App and, above all, our new homepage as a digital
platform. Building bridges also means addressing transgenerational people in the
city and paving their way to the Kulturpalast. What we are starting in Gorbitz this
year, we will continue to expand.
At the same time, I consider it essential to present music at the highest artistic level.
This is what principal conductor Marek Janowski and his programmes stand for, as
well as the numerous guest artists we have invited and, of course, the Dresden
Philharmonic Orchestra with its excellent orchestral culture.”

Chief Conductor Marek Janowski
The concert performance of Richard Wagner’s “Ring des Nibelungen” in the fall of
2022 will undoubtedly be the highlight of Marek Janowski’s final season as principal
conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic. This closes a circle for him: the (also concert)
performances of the tetralogy in the early 1980s at the same venue, then with the
Dresden Staatskapelle, are legend and established his international reputation as a
Wagner conductor. In addition to the MDR Rundfunkchor, he has engaged a number
of distinguished Wagner interpreters for this project.

Janowski and the Dresden Philharmonic will open the season with Bruckner’s
“Unfinished” on SEP 10/11 and will be joined by the orchestra for a guest performance
at the Ottobeuren Basilica on SEP 18. At the turn of the year, Janowski conducts
Beethoven’s Ninth – with Emily Magee and Anna Lapkovskaya, plus Robert Watson
and Tomasz Konieczny as tenor and bass, respectively. The choral parts will be performed by the Dresden and Brno Philharmonic Choirs. For the memorial concert
on FEB 13, he has invited the MDR Radio Choir to perform Hans Werner Henze’s
Sinfonia N. 9 for mixed choir and orchestra together with the Dresden Philharmonic
Orchestra. The work, which is based on Anna Segher’s novel “The Seventh Cross,”
poses enormous challenges, especially for the choir. Marek Janowski will end the
season and his tenure as chief conductor (JUL 1-2) with an all-Richard Strauss
program (JUN 2-3) and Bruckner’s Symphony No. 5 in combination with Britten’s “Les
Illuminations” for high voice and strings.
(Detailed information about his programs and statements in the interview can be
found in the press section of the homepage. They were already published in February

Our guests
Michael Sanderling returns to the podium of the Dresden Philharmonic, for the first
time since his tenure as chief conductor came to an end, to conduct Mahler’s Symphony
No. 2. In addition, we are looking forward to concerts with Kent Nagano, Cristian
Mãcelaru, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Dima Slobodeniouk and Vasily Petrenko, to name a
few. We welcome Donald Runnicles, Mikko Franck and Andrew Manze for the first
time at the Dresden Philharmonic, as well as the young conductors Elim Chan, Kerem
Hasan, Joel Sandelson and Anna Sułkowska-Migoń. Among the outstanding soloists
of the season, in addition to violinists Augustin Hadelich, Arabella Steinbacher and
Baiba Skride, are undoubtedly cellists Truls Mørk and Alisa Weilerstein Francesco
Piemontesi, Kirill Gerstein, Boris Giltburg, Anna Vinnitskaya on piano, and organists
Olivier Latry and Thierry Escaich. On rarer concert instruments are Richard Galliano
(accordion), Lukasz Kuropaczewski (guitar) and Christoph Sietzen (percussion).

New series
With Flow! we are launching a new series in which we bring together attentive
listening, a mindful approach to ourselves and our surroundings, and music.
abFRACKt begins our series of short concerts primarily for younger audiences (see
extra information on the series).

Special projects
Offering young orchestras a stage and facilitating exchange with top young musicians is an
important concern for us. For example, we welcome the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie with its
principal conductor Jonathan Nott (30 MRZ) and the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie on the
commemoration day of the Pogrom Night (9 NOV). An important pillar of the orchestra’s own
work with young musicians is the Kurt Masur Academy, which is entering its sixth season. Our
new academy members present themselves in chamber concerts with their own programs.
The STEGREIF.orchestra has made the discourse on questions of sustainability its concern.
On FEB 12, it will enter into an artistic exchange with the audience about questions of
sustainability in the concert hall. We have invited the Dresden Symphony Orchestra with its
artistic director Markus Rindt for the Day of Unity (3 OCT) with a program tailored to this day.

György Ligeti’s 100th birthday will be celebrated in various programs featuring his most
important orchestral works Lontano and Atmosphères, the “Hamburg Concerto” for horn and
orchestra, and his 1st String Quartet.

In addition, Gustav Mahler’s Symphonies No. 2 (Sanderling), 3 (Runnicles), 4 (Mena) and 9
(Nagano) can be experienced as a small cycle, and we offer lovers of concert operas Bartók’s
“Duke Bluebeard’s Castle” in addition to the “Ring”.

School concerts, family programs & more
Anyone who has experienced a school concert and the enthusiasm of the children at the
Kulturpalast knows how important it is to introduce music to young people at a very early age.
It remains our goal that every Dresden schoolchild should experience a concert at the
Kulturpalast with a large orchestra at least once during their school years. Our school concerts
are curriculum-related and free of charge for every child. They are presented by Malte Arkona.
Malte Arkona continues to be our partner in our family concerts, as does Sarah Willis. Together
with Phili, the Earth Girl, they introduce the great world of the orchestra.

Special projects include a workshop for schools in collaboration with the STEGREIF.orchestra
and a musical reading of Astrid Lindren’s children’s book “The Brothers Lionheart.”
We continue our proven partnership with the Landesgymnasium für Musik as well as with the
Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium Dresden (HSKD) and look forward to visits from school
classes during orchestra rehearsals.

Artist in Residence: Francesco Piemontesi
Sophisticated, technically brilliant and musically subtle; pianist Francesco Piemontesi joins
us as Artist in Residence..
In the three concerts of his residency in Dresden, the whole range of his interpretative art
becomes audible: In a recital, works by Schubert, Debussy and Lachenmann are on the
program (SEP 18). Under the baton of Louis Langrée, Piemontesi will perform Mozart’s D
minor Piano Concerto (25/26 MRZ), and in a concert by chief conductor Marek Janowski, he
will perform Richard Strauss’ “Burleske” (2/3 JUN).

Composer in Residence and Palace Organist: Thierry Escaich
Composer and organist Thierry Escaich is a unique personality of contemporary music and one
of the most important French composers of his time.
His work is influenced by the French compositional tradition and refers to contemporary, folk
and spiritual music; with their lyrical, harmonic character and rhythmic energies, his
compositions form their own distinctive sound world.
He has been a guest at the Eule organ in the Kulturpalast on several occasions. Now he returns
as Palace Organist and Composer in Residence and can be experienced in the organ concert on
New Year’s Eve as well as in the interplay with the Tchalik Quartet (19 OCT). Together with the
Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra he will present his symphonic poem “La barque solaire”
(21/22 JAN). He shows that he is an outstanding improviser when he accompanies the silent
film “Sunrise” (19 FEB). His “Mecanic Song” for wind quintet and piano can be experienced in
the chamber concert with Philharmoniker:innen (12 MRZ).

Premieres and first performances

Together with the Kölner Philharmonie, we have commissioned Composer in Residence
Thierry Escaich to create a chamber music work. The world premiere of “Après l’aurore” for
organ and string quartet (2021) will take place on 19 OCT. We invite you to the German
premiere of Marc Neikrug’s Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra with the Polish National Radio
Symphony Orchestra Katowice on 11 NOV, and the Jazzrausch Bigband performs “Wagner’s
Breakdown” for the first time in Germany on 26 FEB.

Philharmonic Chamber Concerts
In the coming season, we will again give Philharmonic chamber ensembles the opportunity to
present themselves in the concert hall. Highlights include a concert by the Philharmonic
Chamber Orchestra with Richard Galliano (accordion) (9 MAR), the New Year’s concert by a
wind ensemble from the Dresden Philharmonic (8 JAN), a concert with music written in the
Theresienstadt concentration camp (6 NOV), and the Philharmonic String Trio’s concert –
postponed by two years due to corona – to celebrate its 25th anniversary (15 JAN).
Chamber concerts with international guests
Artist in Residence Francesco Piemontesi will present himself to the Dresden audience in a
recital (18 SEP), Quatuor Ebène will be our guest once again, on this occasion with a
contribution to the Ligeti Year (19 JAN), and Quatuor Tchalik, also from France, will perform
together with Palace Organist and Composer in Residence Thierry Escaich (19 OCT).

Organ concerts at the Palace of Culture
Organ and silent film, organ and percussion, organ and orchestra, organ and string quartet,
organ solo on New Year’s Eve – in addition to its soloist role in the concerts of the organ cycle,
the Eule organ is also proving to be a partner in the concert hall this season. Palace organist
Thierry Escaich, for example, will accompany “Sunrise,” the silent movie classic from 1924, on
the organ (FEB 19) and has invited the Tchalik String Quartet for a joint concert (OCT 19).
Christoph Sietzen and Christian Schmitt show how well percussion and organ go together (FEB
1), and Olivier Latry creates a program of Richard Wagner arrangements (APR 5).

Jazz, world music, film, music and literature
Concerts addressing lovers of world music, jazz, film and literature are an integral part of our
programme. For the first time, and with a very special programme (“Wagner’s Breakdown”),
the Jazzrausch Bigband will be our guests (26 FEB), and we are also looking forward to
Nesrine, who brings world music from the Mediterranean to the concert hall (7 OCT). In
addition to Fritz Lang’s monumental silent film “The Nibelungs” (11 MRZ), the Dresden
Philharmonic Orchestra will also provide live accompaniment to Part V of “Star Wars” (1-2
APR), and Thierry Escaich will improvise to Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s silent film “Sunrise”
(19 FEB).

Philharmonic Choirs
The Philharmonic Children’s Choir participates in numerous concerts, with the vocal ensemble
amarcord, the MDR Radio Choir in Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, and in its traditional Christmas
concert Sind die Lichter angezündet; it also once again hosts the International Children’s Choir
Festival and performs its closing concert (30 APR).

Its adult counterpart, the Philharmonic Choir, is especially looking forward to its participation
in Beethoven’s Ninth on New Year’s Eve under the baton of Marek Janowski and Duke
Ellington’s Sacred Concert. Both choirs are also involved in our open-air concerts at the Film
Nights on the banks of the Elbe.

Guest choirs
Hans-Christoph Rademann returns to the Kulturpalast at Easter with the Dresden Chamber
Choir in works by Schütz and Handel (8/9 APR). The Rundfunkchor Berlin is a guest in
Mahler’s Second Symphony conducted by Michael Sanderling (18/19 MRZ), the Brno

Philharmonic Choir sings in Beethoven’s Ninth (31 DEC/1 JAN), and the MDR-
Rundfunkchor can be heard not only in Wagner’s concertante “Twilight of the Gods” (15 OCT),

but also in Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 (16/17 DEC) and in the memorial concert (13 FEB).

Civic Choir at the Kulti
The Bürgerchor am Kulti has become a regular sing-along event for many. Regular rehearsals
with choir director Gunter Berger will also take place in the coming season. For a sing-along
concert in Advent, he invites other interested people who enjoy singing to the concert hall (1.

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