… and not forgetting the Overture (one of music’s miracles) to Weber’s Oberon, magically and exhilaratingly outed by Antal Dorati (LSO, 1962).

Otherwise it’s the 1958 show in Watford. Beguiling Mozart 39 & 41 from Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt (1900-73), the E-flat (K543) full of pregnancy, expressive lingering and pert rhythms. The ‘Jupiter’ (K551) is scarcely less fine, even if timpani in both works are reticent, no doubt by the conductor’s design and somehow in-keeping with his considerate, smartly detailed, readings, for which the LSO purrs like a pussy cat.

MG 50196 (its cover illustrated in the booklet) was a Mercury LP coupling Schubert’s Symphonies 4 & 6, shared between Walter Susskind (1913-80) and Schmidt-Isserstedt. The latter has No.6, surprisingly in mono even though recorded on the same day as the stereo ‘Jupiter’, a delightful account nonetheless, full of affection, the smile-inducing dance-walk Finale perfectly paced. Susskind’s reading of No.4 (stereo) is also impressive, quite muscular in the outer movements, more to do with articulation and rhythmic alertness than speed, contrasted with a heartfelt slow movement and a troubled Minuet, its Trio ideally dovetailed.

Anyone who thinks that exposition repeats should be sacrosanct will be disappointed; only the one in WAM 39’s Finale is observed. Nonetheless, and admirably remastered by Chris Bernauer for excellent sound, this album is a treasure-trove of adorable performances. Much to relish on Eloquence 484 0353 (2 CDs).