Minor and later before major and earlier: the (Swedish) Gävle Symphony Orchestra makes an imposing, and detailed, sound to launch Mozart’s C-minor Piano Concerto (K491/No.24) with Eric Le Sage as a sovereign soloist, trusting the text and investing into it much style and feeling, and given François Leleux is an oboist of distinction it’s no surprise that woodwind detail is pristine. Plenty of meaningful interaction is evident throughout, the first movement capped by the inclusion of Fauré’s rather fine cadenza. The middle movement flows persuasively (Andante rather than Larghetto) and expressively – some light between the dark outer movements – with characterful woodwinds contributing much, and the Finale doesn’t hold back, determined without denuding the music’s variety, the conclusion accepting that the minor key still holds sway. The G-major Concerto (K453/No.17) is also notable: a sparkling/spontaneous first movement and a witty/exuberant last either side of an eloquent slow one. Well-recorded (September last year), freshly considered, and very recommendable on Alpha 866.