Accentus Music presents a once in a lifetime Direct-to-Disc recording of the Bamberg Symphony performing “Má Vlast”. This incredible recording, limited to 1,111 copies, has intimately and authentically captured the live performance of the piece for an unforgettable listening experience.

Smetana – Má Vlast
Bamberger Symphoniker
Jakub Hrůša

A – Vyšehrad
B – Vltava
C – Šárka
D – Z českých luhů a hájů 
LP 3
E – Tábor
F – Blaník
Catalogue: ACC40482 (LP)
Release: 4 September 2020
Smetana’s Czech national epic “Má Vlast” (My Country) is a signature piece of the Bamberg Symphony and its principal conductor Jakub Hrůša, both whose lineage and roots are steeped in Bohemian tradition. Having performed this work together countless times, Hrůša and the orchestra have found joy, ease and depth within this complex symphonic poem. Bamberg Symphony’s great “Má Vlast” tour in 2019 took them all over Europe, from the opening of the Prague Spring Festival to the BBC Proms, and unleashed storms of enthusiasm everywhere.

In July 2019, the orchestra recorded “Má Vlast” in a special “direct-to-disc” process. This is a technique in which the entire work is recorded live and cut directly into vinyl. The result is a one-time, rare analogue snapshot of the performance with no editing. The crux of the project was to fully capture the pure sound of the orchestra and the acoustics of the Bamberg Concert Hall: To transfer the live experience and the pure emotion of the concert as seamlessly as possible into living rooms everywhere.

What marks this project as doubly poignant, is that it was recorded just one week after Bamberg Symphony’s BBC Proms performance of “Má Vlast”, which garnered five star praise. This direct-to-disc captures the energy and passion of the orchestra’s playing within this significant context.

Only available on vinyl  |  1111 Copies  |  45 rpm  |  180g Vinyl