Beware only knowing this Symphony through it final (1889) version, for which Karl Böhm’s Vienna/Decca recording is prime, as is, now, François-Xavier Roth for 1873, played marvellously and stunningly recorded, as he and his great orchestra continue their Bruckner Symphony cycle (No.9 is imminent) with this fabulous foray into Bruckner’s original (in every sense) D-minor homage to Wagner. Roth conducts an urgent account with a wide dynamic range and an unstinting relish of the numerous unusual aspects of ideas, structure and scoring – all the things that make Bruckner’s first thoughts their estimable, even loveable, selves. By “urgent” I don’t mean absurdly fast, although Roth certainly keeps things on the move, thrillingly in the first movement, and throughout with beauty of phrase, translucent timbres, vivid detailing, rugged climaxes – the accents of the Scherzo are punched out, the dancing Trio contrastingly light and airy, indivisible, and the Finale wends its varied and volatile way to ultimate triumph – Heaven-storming brass underpinned by a stupendous extended timpani roll. Myrios MYR033.