Beautifully recorded, superbly played, François-Xavier Roth and his seasoned ensemble conjure a detail-studded, incident-packed Don Quixote, full of character, imagery, beauty, thrills and poignancy, to which cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras (in the title role) and viola-player Tabea Zimmermann (as Sancho Panza) contribute with consummate artistry and story-telling largesse. No less compelling is Till Eulenspiegel, a cartoon-strip performance of wit and sparkle, and graphic drama when needed. Queyras also essays Strauss’s Romanze, a lovely, at times impassioned, piece, played by Queyras with rich tone and generous breadth of phrase. Harmonia Mundi HMM 902370.

Many Happy Returns to François-Xavier Roth, 50 today.