Like so many others, BIS Records have had immediate and horrible reasons to re-evaluate the relationship we have with Maestro Valery Gergiev.

In spite of being asked from so many quarters to distance himself from the unprovoked and illegal war Pres. Putin is waging against the Ukraine, Maestro Gergiev has failed to do so. We at BIS cannot condone having a relationship with such a man.

Therefore, in this extreme case, BIS have decided, for the very first time in its soon 50 years of existence, to deviate from our total non-deletion policy and will, as of this moment, stop selling any item, where Maestro Gergiev participates, until such time, when the situation may be positively re-evaluated.

I furthermore would appeal to and challenge my label colleagues over the world to do the same.

Ã…kersberga, Sweden March 2, 2022

Robert von Bahr, CEO and Founder, BIS Records