I have not heard this recording in years, yet it’s rather good, as re-visited in a faithful transfer on a Berlin Classics compact disc (BC 2119-2). As captured by Eterna in January 1957 in the Kreuzkirche, Leopold Ludwig (1908-79) leads a cohesive and unexaggerated – refreshing – account of Mahler 4 with Staatskapelle Dresden (Saxon State Orchestra) that may be mono but is full-toned, detailed and dynamic. It could be said that Ludwig lets the music speak for itself – although he certainly knows what it is about and where it’s going, and his subtly affectionate touches don’t get in the way of direction, all over in fifty-one minutes. Excellent corporate and solo playing, seasoned to Mahler it seems, the slow movement, not dragged, is radiant and eloquent, and in the (here unsentimental) Finale Anny Schlemm (born 1929) is the soprano, soubrette-light in tone matched to mature musicianship; nimble too given Ludwig keeps things on the move.