Think of American composer, teacher and pianist Harold Shapero (1920-2013) and maybe the first piece of his that comes to mind is Symphony for Classical Orchestra (1947) as recorded by Bernstein and Previn. From BMOP here is an engagingly quirky Sinfonia in C-minor (1949, Houston Symphony/Efrem Kurtz) – witty, unpredictable – and Credo (1955, Louisville Orchestra/Robert Whitney), hymn-like, slightly in the mould of Appalachian Spring. Centrepiece is Partita in C (piano and orchestra, 1961, Seymour Lipkin/Detroit SO/Paul Paray), a delightful suite of eight short movements that, like the Sinfonia, doesn’t do the obvious, keeping the listener on his toes, intrigued. Vivian Choi is the first-among-equals pianist here. Things are jazzed up with On Green Mountain (1957, first-conducted by Gunther Schuller), a ten-minute gem, cool and swinging, full of personality. Finally, the five-movement, thirty-five minute, Serenade in D for String Orchestra, premiered in Carnegie Hall during 1946, Leonard Bernstein presiding, an attractive score worthy of attention, neoclassical Stravinsky in the wings. This eighty-four-minute release, BMOP/sound 1072 [SACD], enjoys excellent performances, reproduction and presentation.