I recently found this new-to-me three-CD set ‘going for a song’. On the basis of Symphonies 2 & 3, typically wholesome and clear-sighted performances, I found much that is beguiling in the subtlety of inner parts and the expression therein, the Berliners playing being both seasoned and fresh-minted. What’s more, the digital recorded sound, engineered by the DG veteran G√ľnter Hermanns, avoids glare and harshness. For a relative few pennies, I have nabbed a bargain and look forward to the rest of the release.

Recordings: Berlin, Philharmonie, 2/1983 (Opp. 56a, 81; Haydn Variations & Tragic Overture), The Symphonies: 6/1986 (Op. 73), 1/1987 (Op. 68), 10/1988 (Opp. 90, 98). Karajan died in July 1989.