The story so far… with the unstinting help of a friend, let’s call him Chris, I am starting to reduce the numbers of my compact discs – viciously, dramatically – and they are destined for charitable purposes (nine big crates full of them have already left home), and in so-doing I am finding forgotten treasures (keeping those) and taking an unsentimental look at others (some I’ll simply never play again … time and tide…).

Some titles fall into the unwrapped category. One such is the Loughran/Aarhus Bruckner 7, recorded by Danish Radio in Aarhus Cathedral on April 28, 2005, and issued a couple of years later by Danacord, DACOCD 655. Just played it (Sunday-morning Bruckner): an impressive performance from a conductor truly inside the music, cohesive, long-viewed, played with dedication, and very satisfying overall. Loughran uses Robert Haas’s edition, although he includes the Nowak-accepted cymbal clash at the Adagio’s climax, the movement itself here rendered as solemn and eloquent. Overall, it’s a beautifully judged, thought-through interpretation that hits the spot, very well recorded in an ideal acoustic … one to keep/return to and recommend.

Still very keen on new releases though … the thrill of the unheard and the undiscovered. What awaits?