Previously published on May 26

Blue is the colour for this cello, saxophone quartet (SATBaritone) and piano collection of arrangements, opening with Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations, a cello original of course, heard here in Fitzenhagen’s ordering rather than the composer’s, which – one stylistic departure aside (to a nightclub), and reaction to that will depend on individual sensibilities – is very likeable, so too a Vivaldi Concerto and some Popular Songs by Manuel de Falla. A trio of short pieces by Shostakovich are ideal for this ensemble of equals, Alban Gerhardt ‘first’ among them – the sax-players are terrific – with the ‘Elegy’ rather haunting, and Phantasy in Blue (owing to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody) is perhaps less of a gift, cello as piano with a piano in the mix, but you can always sample it, and indeed the other tracks, on the link below. Superb sound. Hyperion CDA68419 is released on June 2.