From April 1961, Winter Gardens Pavilion, the Overture from Kabalevsky’s music for Colas Breugnon makes for a colourful and lively start, the Bournemouth SO, on home turf, playing with precision and joie de vivre for its soon-to-be chief conductor Constantin Silvestri (1913-69), the mono sound full and impactful, as it is, from the same concert, for Shostakovich’s World War II-composed Symphony No.8 (Paul Baily has done a fine job with the tapes), a searing, intense and impassioned account of music presumably fairly new to the UK’s South Coast at the time, quite volatile from Silvestri, also uncompromising with painful dissonance, his players (a cor anglais wobble aside) well-prepared and unstinting, unfazed by technical and emotional demands, whether the space, cataclysm and numbed/desolate envoi of the first movement, the drive and danger of the two Scherzos (brilliant battalion-leading trumpet solo in the second one), the mysterious subterranean tentacles of the fourth movement passacaglia, or the optimism of the Finale’s ethereal close, however uncertain the future. ICA Classics ICAC 5176.