The reasoning for this release is revealed above. Suffice to say that it’s musically admirable, fourteen of Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words plus Alkan’s ‘La chanson de la folle au bord de la mer’ from his Opus 31 collection, the final piece here, tolling with doom – a pessimistic conclusion (it seems) if haunting the senses in its bleakness and through a threatening crescendo. There’s plenty of variety in the Mendelssohn – charm, depth, pictorialism – played with sensitivity by Igor Levit, alive to the music’s largesse and humanity that may seem beyond each number’s brevity. Levit opens up their expressive outreach in the most impressive and transporting way – poetry that may have no words but which speaks volumes, the perfect vehicles for Levit’s eloquent ambitions. Sony Classical 19658878982. Meanwhile, Opus 30/1, E-flat, is doing for me. Track five is on repeat.