Clod Ensemble: The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady (rehearsal image). Dancer Valerie Ebuwa. Credit JJ Lorenzo.
Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival
Free Screenings until 20 November 2022 via Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, Thursday 17 November 2022 at 6.15pm
Trailblazing cross-disciplinary performance company Clod Ensemble present a celebration of Charles Mingus’ 1963 masterpiece, The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady.  This kaleidoscopic dance film unlocks a new way of listening to the wildly sensual, rhythmically explosive albumIn early 2020, Clod Ensemble and Nu Civilisation Orchestra were about to present a live dance celebration of ‘Black Saint’. Lockdown resulted in a change of plan; culminating in this unique and life affirming film set to the album in its original recorded format, performed by Charles Mingus and his band.
Audiences are invited to experience a new way of listening to this wildly sensual, rhythmically explosive classic album by watching world class dancers bring the music to life, unlocking powerful elements such as its complex structure, beautiful melodies, visceral emotions, moods and feelings.  
The film is available to watch online throughout the festival and there is a free screening at the Southbank Centre prior to Nu Civilisation Orchestra’s performance of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira / Mingus on Thursday 17 November at 6.15pm.
Clod Ensemble Director, Suzy Willson says, “We are pleased to be revisiting this film, created during lockdown with a company of incredible dancers and guest appearances from Hackney residents and from carnival arts organisation Tropical Isles. It remains a celebration of Mingus’ wildly sensual, rhythmically explosive classic album – of both the music and the movement it inspires.” LISTINGS INFORMATION
The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady: a dance film
Free screenings of The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady throughout the festival:Stream the film now via 1-20 November 2022Sign up here to be reminded when the film goes live.
Free screening in the foyer of Southbank Centre’s QueenElizabeth Hall, Thursday 17 November 2022 at 6.15pm, prior to Nu Civilisation Orchestra’s performance of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira / Mingus featuring ESKA in the Queen Elizabeth Hall at 7.30pm
Morning Movement for all abilities Join dancers from The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady film for a 30 minute online session of guided movement, to music inspired by an exhilarating selection of jazz music. Refresh, re-energise, breathe deeper and simply get in flow for the day ahead. Various mornings throughout the festival.Book: 

CLOD ENSEMBLE is led by Director & Choreographer Suzy Willson and Composer Paul Clark. They createprovocative, finely crafted performances, driven by movement and music. Their work ispresented in London, across the UK and internationally in theatres, dance houses, galleriesand public spaces nationally and internationally. 

Nu Civilisation Orchestra is the brainchild of award-winning bassist and bandleader, GaryCrosby OBE. Pianist and composer, Peter Edwards has directed the NCO since itsinception. The orchestra has a reputation for excellence and diversity in its members, itsrepertoire and its artistic collaborations, creating ambitious projects focusing on artists fromvery different music backgrounds and art forms.