ISM welcomes BBC decision to pause on axing the BBC Singers

The ISM welcomes today’s announcement from the BBC to suspend the decision to close the BBC Singers while it looks into alternative funding models. The Singers will also appear in this year’s BBC Proms. The decision comes after a widespread outcry from across the globe and a mass campaign by music organisations, ensembles and musicians.   

Responding to the announcement, the Independent Society of Musicians’ Chief Executive, Deborah Annetts, said, ‘We are delighted and relieved that the BBC Singers are not facing immediate closure. This is the right decision and we thank the BBC for listening to the sector.

‘The international outrage over the decision shows just how popular the BBC Singers are across the globe. We are concerned about the proposal to look at new models of funding and urge the BBC to find a solution that secures the long-term future of the group.

‘There are also other issues to resolve, including the decision to cut the three English BBC orchestras by 20%, which the BBC’s own previous reports have shown to be unviable, but this is a positive step. We thank all the organisations and musicians and audience members who have taken the time to stand alongside the ISM and help to save the much-loved Singers.’

BBC Statement: Alternative funding solution for the BBC Singers.