·       The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain is encouraging everyone in the UK to share a performance with others in their community at 5pm on 29 May

·       Musicians from any genre and at any standard can take part: NYO musicians have created resources for singers, instrumentalists, and electronic composers

·       Instrumentalists are invited to download music from the NYO website and singers are invited to download the ‘Song of the Planet’, a new poem set to the tune of ‘I vow to thee my country’, with lyrics by performance poet Probably Tomfoolery

·       Electronic composers of all styles are invited to remix MP3 sounds from ‘Jupiter’, by downloading a toolkit created by NYO musicians, using any music production software

·       All musicians are encouraged to use their performance to connect to their local community – using their love of music to create an interconnected musical planet.

Musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain are continuing to share music with others during lockdown, and are inviting performers of all standards to share a socially-distanced performance of ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s The Planets.

Following the success of #NYOdetojoy, the musicians of NYO have been tasked with creating another community-based musical moment to provide that connection so many of us are missing. The musicians are looking to inspire others in their local communities, and to make genuine connections through performance using Holst’s rousing ‘Jupiter’ – either putting together a street ensemble, or performing alone somewhere significant to their local area.

The project is designed to showcase the diversity and richness of our incredible musical planet, powered by billions of musical citizens creating music that lights up their local community, before radiating outwards to create musical towns, musical cities, and musical communities that transcend borders.

Solo performers can download the sheet music from, and there is also a five-part arrangement for instrumentalists who want to perform together.

NYO is also reaching out to singers, asking them to sing ‘Song of the Planet’, a song with new lyrics by poet Probably Tomfoolery. Tom is best-known for his poem, ‘The Great Realisation’, which shares a perspective on living through the coronavirus pandemic, and has been viewed more than 30million times on social media.

Musicians who create music in at home using phones or computers, who may not consider themselves to be ‘composers’, are also invited to take part in the project. Teenage composer Lizzy Gur, who was in NYO from 2016-19, has created a digital toolkit of MP3 sound files to download, which can be remixed on any production software.

NYO is asking that every performance, whether physical or digital, be shared using the hashtag #NYOMusicalPlanet, so everyone who takes part can share in the diversity and individuality across our incredible musical planet.

An introduction to the project from NYO musicians can be viewed at this link: