Dear friends and colleagues,

Since 2016, this week in May has been one of the happiest and busiest times of the year, when I join a wonderful team of artists in Boulder, Colorado for a weeklong celebration of the life and music of Gustav Mahler.

This year was to be our most ambitious and exciting festival to date, with a performance of our first Wagner opera, a residency by Philip Sawyers, chamber music from Beethoven to Messiaen and a performance of Mahler’s Second Symphony to top it off.

Of course, like every eagerly anticipated musical project we’ve all been working towards for months or years, this one was not meant to be. At least not in the form in which we originally imagined it.

But! My colleagues at the festival have rallied round and together we have put together what I think is a very exciting Virtual Mahlerfest.

It will be a digital celebration of the full gamut of what MahlerFest is all about, from orchestral concerts, to recitals, to an online symposium.

I hope you’ll follow our progress this week and find something to be excited about in what we’re doing.

Stay well and stay safe