From Alexander Campbell. “Another operatic death announced on the various networks. Kenneth Woollam (16/1/37-14/4/20). Woollam was a stalwart of the ENO company from the early-1970s – singing some of the heftier roles of the spinto to dramatic tenor repertory including Pierre (War and Peace), Walter von Stolzing, Siegfried, Tristan, Rienzi, Bacchus, Herod, Calaf and Radames where his stamina and strong dramatic instincts were much valued by colleagues and audiences alike. He also sang roles in Russian and Czech operas and was a regular performer on the concert platform – including parts like Gerontius. He also created roles in Iain Hamilton’s The Royal Hunt of the Sun and David Blake’s Toussaint. In the latter part of his career he was a professor of singing at the Royal College of Music.”