Brian Elias

Friday 25th February at 7.30pm
Brian Elias ‘Meet me in the Green Glen’ from song cycle of the
same name
Vaughan Williams ‘The Woodcutter’s Song’ from Pilgrim’s Progress
Berio Duet for Two Violins, 24 ‘Aldo’
Purcell (arr. Williams) Three Songs
Judith Weir Good Morning, Midnight!
Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht
Mahler (arr. Farrington) Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
“I love the idea of voices being unwrapped; the idea that any unhelpful
mystique surrounding singing repertoire for voice, any preconceptions of
what is involved in vocal training, any barriers that hamper a person’s ability
to express themselves through singing, can be peeled away until the
essentials of self-expression are left, available to anyone, from anywhere
and from any walk for life. I look forward to being part of Voices Unwrapped
and hope that it will be a rallying point for singers, be they part of a
professional or community choir, or if they just want to celebrate singing for
and within themselves.”
Following his debut in Voices Unwrapped as part of the Sound Voice
project, Voices Unwrapped Artist in Focus Roderick Williams joins
Aurora Orchestra on Friday 25February for a concert of journeys: from
darkness to light, joy to sorrow, and regret to redemption.
Curated in collaboration with Aurora, Roderick Williams’ programme
highlights the breadth of his repertoire from the three Purcell songs which
he arranged for string quartet to Judith Weir’s meditation on night-time,
Good Morning, Midnight!. The programme opens with the first song of
Brian Elias’ Meet me in the Green Glen for baritone solo and gradually
builds up to the mixed ensemble used by Ian Farrington’s arrangement of
Mahler’s Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen.
In the 150th year since Vaughan Williams’s birth, Roderick Williams who is
recognised as one of the UK’s finest interpreters of his vocal music,
includes ‘The Woodcutter’s Song’ from Pilgrim’s Progress in his February
programme and, in his second appearance as Voices Unwrapped Artist in
Focus on Thursday 5 May, Roderick Williams sings Vaughan Williams’s
Songs of Travel. When I was one-and-twenty is a specially-curated song
recital with Paul Cibis in which Williams inhabits the role of the young
wandering Romantic with Lied from Schumann’s indelible Liederkreis Op.
24 threaded with Rebecca Clarke’s mesmerising miniatures. Woven
through the evening are the irresistible hopes of Müller’s tragic young
lover in Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin.
The year-long Voices Unwrapped opened at Kings Place in January with
Sound Voice, a unique multi-media performance exploring stories of voice
loss and identity. Roderick Williams, one of several leading singers
collaborating with Sound Voice founder and composer, Hannah Conway,
will return to the project on Friday 27 May for a live concert performance.
The concert offers an opportunity to hear all of the works created to date
performed by Lucy Crowe, Roderick Williams, Hugh Cutting and Alice
Zawadzki – alongside those who live with voice loss in a captivating
celebration of the beauty and value of the human voice. Each vocalist will
also perform a specially-selected work from their repertoire, chosen for its
personal importance to the subject of the voice.
Details for Voices Unwrapped are available here via the Kings Place
website or here via the Voices Unwrapped brochure.