Opening Weekend: Thursday 13-Saturday 15 January 2022
The opening weekend of Kings Place’s Voices Unwrapped underlines the principles
at the heart of the year-long series: the power and joy of singing, and the versatility
and importance of the voice. Serving to reach beyond the purely aesthetic, each
event emphasises the versatility of the voice and its far-reaching resonance.
Thursday 13-Saturday 15 January: SOUND VOICE
Voices Unwrapped launches with Sound Voice, a unique multi-media performance
exploring stories of voice loss and identity, which will be presented seven times on
each of the three opening evenings. The project is an exciting new collaboration
between Luke Halls (video design), David Sheppard (sound designer), Hannah
Conway (composer) and Hazel Gould (writer). The resultant immersive video
installation comprises three works, each describing a deeply personal and distinct
story, experienced consecutively as a 23-minute performance. The singers who
include Roderick Williams, Lucy Crowe and Iestyn Davies, give voice to those who
have lost theirs. The project underscores the value of our voice and its deep-seated
centrality to every aspect of our identity.
Thursday 13 January, 6.30pm & 9pm: ERIC WHITACRE
Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre leads award-winning
ensemble VOCES8 in two performances of his 12-movement choral work The
Sacred Veil written in response to the passing of the wife of his close friend Charles
Anthony Silvestri. The texts of the work were written by Silvestri and Whitacre
collaboratively, and tell a story of love, loss and the search for solace. The voice
provides these pertinent texts with an extra level of expression and explores
aspects of feelings which cannot be articulated through words alone. The first half
of each concert will begin with VOCES8 commissions from Jocelyn Hagen and
Roderick Williams. Both concerts are preceded by free performances in the foyer
(6pm & 8:15pm) given by the City of London based Constanza Chorus, the first choir
to be showcased in Kings Place’s Singing Together series.
Friday 14 January, 7pm: JULIE FOWLIS [pictured]
Award-winning Gaelic folk singer Julie Fowlis joins fellow musicians Zoë Conway,
Éamon Doorley and John McIntyre in a Scots-Irish collaboration entitled ‘Allt’.
Their collection of newly created songs inspired by modern and ancient Irish and
Scottish Gaelic poems celebrates the voice as a universally recognised channel
through which they can share their Gaelic culture and heritage.
Saturday 15 January, 2-8pm: SONG SURGERIES
For Song Surgeries, soprano Bibi Heal and pianist Stephen Barlow welcome 6
guests every hour to join them on the stage of Kings Place’s Hall One. During the
30-minute bespoke concert the audience are invited to choose from programmes
designed to foster ‘Hope and Healing,’ ‘Courage and Comfort,’ or ‘Rest and