If the Seventh left a few doubts, this earthy, vigorous and eloquent Fifth, with no lack of expressive depth, played incisively and refulgently, can only enhance the Rotterdam Philharmonic and Lahav Shani’s reputation as distinguished Brucknerians. This is a going-places performance (without compromising dynamics or flexibility) enhanced at times by an attractive lightness of touch and interactive clarity (antiphonal violins) – details are freshly wrought, some being ‘new’ (using an edition more-recent than Haas or Nowak?) – although the brass, however well-played, can be on the strident side. The Scherzo scampers and dances, the (here) fleet Trio all-belonging, and the ambitious Finale (embracing chorale and double fugue) has purpose en route to a sonorous and resounding conclusion. Warner Classics 5419779201 is released on May 17.