Piano-centric music from Wolfgang Amadeus, all composed in 1785, Concertos 20, 21 & 22 (respectively K466, K467 & K482) find Leif Ove Andsnes and the Mahler members enjoying a close rapport of shapely and sensitive music-making, tempos consistently well-judged, and all beautifully recorded, during last year, mostly in the Berlin Philharmonie and also in Bremen.

In K466 Andsnes shares cadenza honours between Beethoven (stormy) and Hummel (energetic and florid), and although there are more overtly dramatic accounts of this minor-key work available, these musicians’ finesse and agreeable interactions pay many dividends, much attention paid to detailing and dynamics without drawing attention to them; the progress of each movement is accomplished with integrity. K467 enjoys a step-lively first movement, while being mindful of the maestoso marking, and a poised and affable Finale (cadenzas are respectively by Géza Anda and Dinu Lipatti). In between, the ‘Elvira Madigan’ movement is without-vibrato radiant at quite a spacious tempo, a slow Andante.

The great E-flat Concerto, K482, is magnificently sounded, the first movement ebullient yet regal (with a suitably grand cadenza by John Fraser, this release’s producer). The slow movement is sublime, aching with profound expression, and the ‘earworm’ Finale, via a richly lyrical episode (eloquent woodwinds), canters delightfully to another example of Anda’s cadenza penmanship, here witty.

Away from the MCO, Andsnes essays the C-minor Fantasia (K475) with a splash of greasepaint, appreciative of the music’s operatic contrasts; and the MCO itself is Andsnes-free for the Masonic Funeral Music (K477), intensely sorrowful and emotionally eruptive. Finally, as far as this review is concerned (I have not reflected the discs’ layout), three MCO string-players – Matthew Truscott, Joel Hunter & Frank-Michael Guthmann – join with Andsnes for K478, the G-minor Piano Quartet, a rendition of companionship to complete a series of performances to relish for all seasons on Sony Classical 19439742462 (2 CDs). 1786 is due soon.