I’m not sure if I have heard Prince Rostislav before. If I have it failed to make an impression. From Leonard Slatkin and the St Louis Symphony the music’s brooding and atmospheric plotting presents a tangibly dramatic course of action. The ill-fated (when premiered) if now fully rehabilitated First Symphony (wholly compelling and memorable as a score) receives a powerful, sonorous and flexible performance, played with conviction, sporting distinguished woodwind solos, vivid details, subtle expressions, and suggestive of a gripping if unstated narrative. With good sound (1976/80), worthy of the Audiophile tag, this is a recommendable refurbished release, not preferable to Slatkin’s later Detroit/Naxos version of the Symphony, although both are desirable, with this St Louis taping, part of this conductor’s generous Rachmaninov survey captured there, catalogued as VOXNX3029CD.