Having worked wonders on behalf of Hubert Parry (links below), the Leonore Piano Trio (Benjamin Nabarro, Gemma Rosefield & Tim Horton) now do an International Rescue operation for Henry Charles Litolff (1818-91), born in London to a French father and Scottish mother. Litolff is remembered today for the scintillating Scherzo from the piano-and-orchestra Concerto symphonique No.4, but these two Piano Trios (respectively his Opuses 47 & 56, No.1 being in D-minor & No.2 in E-flat) suggest we should look further into his output. Both these works, each around the half-hour mark, make for enjoyable listening. This is music that sings and dances, touches the heart and quickens the pulse, and is written with much craftsmanship (Litolff was an excellent pianist, much-admired by Liszt), and can only give much pleasure to the listener. I suggest that if you like Mendelssohn’s (also two) Piano Trios then you will similarly be smitten by Litolff’s brace; both composers share a beguiling lightness of touch. To close the disc is Litolff’s charming Serenade (for violin & piano, his Opus 91), played with affection by Nabarro & Horton. Hyperion CDA68305.