The opera Interludes are atmospheric and somewhat edgy (appropriately) if a little contained, especially ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘Storm’, neither of which ignite enough. The sound is good (September 2022 at Blackheath Halls) and in just balance for the violin in the Elgar, which as a performance is a little staid if attractively yearning. Michael Barenboim, with a reliable accompaniment from the Philharmonia and Alessandro Crudele, has mastery of the solo part an is very listenable, at his finest in intimate music, which makes the slow movement especially memorable. However the orchestral opening of the first movement is staid, and, from all concerned, the Finale can plod, albeit the ‘accompanied cadenza’ is a highlight. Overall, a shortfall of soul and passion is compensated for by Barenboim’s sensitively spun confidences. Linn CKD 729.