Artist-led “Art Value” Project Launches NFT Collection to Support Ukrainian Relief Efforts

The year Kyiv became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Credit: Art Value

The tokens will depict events that have significant meaning in Ukraine’s political and cultural history.

March 16, 2022. In support of Ukraine, the perennial “Art Value” project, led by the Lithuanian-based artist Vygandas Šimbelis, has launched a Ukraine-dedicated NFT collection, commemorating notable events of the country’s history. All proceeds will be donated to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

All of the dates, depicted in the NFT artwork, have significant meaning for Ukraine and its centuries-long road to independence. Among them is the year 1362, when Kyiv became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 1140, commemorating the establishment of St. Cyril’s Monastery, and 879, marking the day Ukraine as Kievan Rus was founded.

“The NFTs will depict not only numbers, as all of our previous artworks do, but the colors of the Ukrainian flag as well. Later on, everyone that had acquired an NFT will be able to customize it on our website, in a way contributing to the artwork’s creation. Each piece is unique, therefore it is impossible to acquire more than one NFT with the same date,” commented Šimbelis, also known by his pseudonym Das Vegas.

The project is based around the distinctive idea—numbers as art—as it explores the art and economic factors in the realms of artistic creation. As blockchain technology is used to secure as well as generate unique artworks, all proceeds will be donated in cryptocurrency to the Ukrainian DOA—a decentralized autonomous organization, which will coordinate and distribute funds to relief chapters across the country.

“In order to end the terror Russia has brought upon Ukraine, everyone has to contribute in ways they can, whether it’s clothes, food, or, in our case, fundraising with art. Also, with this idea we aim not only to support relief efforts for Ukrainians but also honor the country’s history and its origins,” the artist explained.

The Ukraine-dedicated NFTs have already been minted and can be purchased at the Art Value marketplace.