On 21 April, the awards gala of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) will take place in Wroclaw. The gala can be watched live on the Deutsche Welle Youtube channel.The composer and conductor David Philip Hefti will receive the Composer Award that evening. For jury president Remy Franck “Hefti’s tonal language captivates with an enormously wide spectrum of expressive means. Luminous timbres and dramatic constructions are as much a part of it as subtle and fragile sonic developments. The spectrum of genres in which the composer expresses himself is also wide, with the result that his music reaches performers as well as a broad audience.“.At the award ceremony at the National Forum for Music, the NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero will perform con moto – Beziehungsweisen for orchestra by Hefti in the second half of the concert; the complete program can be found here. For the composer, this work in particular is very appropriate, since “the title should be understood as a desire to get cultural life moving again.“For Hefti, “it is an honor to be given this year’s ICMA Composer Award. After the Corona years of artistic starvation, I’m grateful to ICMA’s distinguished jury for their tireless work in showing us a hopeful perspective through pre-pandemic diversity and abundance, which is important in every sense, especially today.“More information on David Philip Hefti’s works as well as concerts can be found at hefti.net