Here’s Perry Como to set the scene…

Anything you like, any genre/occasion, concerts/recordings, revelatory/remarkable … bagpipe recital in kitchen.

Mine, of many, would include – first off – being entranced by Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of Animals (Skitch Henderson’s Decca recording), at school aged eleven (thank-you Mr Palmer), which catapulted me into the hitherto unsuspected world of Classical Music, where I remain, fascinated. Certain performances stay in the mind as special – such as Celibidache and the LSO in a simply miraculous Debussy La mer; Leonard Slatkin and the St Louis Symphony in a powerful & poignant Strauss Heldenleben (David Halen, concertmaster); and Frank Sinatra at the Royal Albert Hall. There was my first interview – for which I was insanely nervous, but needn’t have been for Colin Davis couldn’t have been friendlier (touched upon here,, and numerous other interviews, and then being able to stay in contact afterwards – a nice bonus – and my first recording session, Vernon Handley and the RPO in Robert Simpson’s Fifth Symphony for Hyperion, ‘Tod’ himself, Andrew Keener and Tony Faulkner all warmly welcoming.

However, this is more for you to share, if you wish, any of your magical music memories. Mickey is keen to know.