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The internationally acclaimed pianist Margaret Fingerhut has collaborated with Viktoriia
Levchenko, a young filmmaker from the Ukraine, to create a short, powerful video called
‘Ukraine will rise again!’
It is set to a stirring piano piece by the Ukrainian composer Sergei Bortkiewicz (1877-1952).
Bortkiewicz wrote Les Rochers d’Outche-Coche in 1908 after he was inspired by the
mountain scenery in Crimea. The music conjures up the awe and beauty of the landscape,
and Viktoriia has matched it with a series of extraordinary images, including powerful
footage of the devastation caused by the war. The result is a moving and uplifting video.
Margaret’s grandfather was born in Odesa and she has always felt a proud connection with
the country. Her career has taken her all over the world and her numerous recordings have
received much critical acclaim and won many accolades.

In 2019 Margaret undertook a major recital tour, devising
and performing a special programme of words and music
called Far from the Home I Love across the UK to raise
money for refugees and asylum seekers. She was presented
with a ‘Champion of Sanctuary’ award by City of Sanctuary
UK in recognition of her humanitarian work.
To watch the video (07’23”) please click here: Ukraine will rise again!
Margaret is using the video to raise funds for British-Ukrainian Aid, a charity which sends
over vital supplies such as ambulances, first aid kits and portable generators. It also provides
assistance to the victims of the war: to orphanages, schools, the elderly and internally
displaced people.

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