Originally published on January 22

This release scores high on quality; indeed, these are excellent accounts of the two Concertos – expressing wonderment in the outer movements of No.1 and devil-may-care sorcery in the central one, without driving the speed. Maria Milstein – technical hurdles solved – plays with edge, finesse, engaging expression, a range of timbre and storybook address, very well recorded (May last year) – good balance, lucid detail – and smartly accompanied by Phion, Orchestra of Gelderland & Overijssel, and Otto Tausk. Milstein’s phrasal poise comes into its own at the beginning of the Second Concerto, the opening movement notably unpredictable if thought-through by the performers so as to be plausible as well as gripping, Milstein, Phion and Tausk as-one in exploring the music, sharing the touching lyricism of the Andante assai, and rounding with the Finale’s castanet-coloured gawkiness, propelled here with purpose, point and intensity. Channel Classics CCS45223 is released on January 27.