Rudolf Buchbinder presented the first Swiss piano prize “Prix Serdang” to pianist Martin James Bartlett

The new piano prize “Prix Serdang” was awarded, for the first time on Saturday 2 July 2022 by the curator Rudolf Buchbinder and the initiator Adrian Flury at the Villa Serdang in Feldbrunnen near Solothurn.

Martin James Bartlett accepted the prize which was unconditionally endowed with CHF 50,000.

During the award ceremony, Martin James Bartlett presented a recital and said:

“It’s been an absolute dream. The Prix Serdang is extremely special because it not only focuses on a small vignette of an artist, but Rudolf Buchbinder listens to an artist over a period of time, to see their development and personality. The opportunity to play in such beautiful surroundings for so many important figures in the classical world is also very special and unique. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the honour of winning this prize that I will take the time to make sure that I use this generous prize best towards my personal and artistic growth.”

Prize founder and initiator Adrian Flury said:

“I am very proud and grateful to have created a prize with Rudolf Buchbinder and his incomparable expertise as curator for the “Prix Serdang”, which does not judge a snapshot, but focuses on the artistic work and the person itself – similar to a Nobel Prize”, said founder and initiator Adrian Flury.

Rudolf Buchbinder deliberately refrains from serving as a jury for competitions or prizes with a competitive character, because they take the snapshot approach which is not meaningful enough for him: “It is a pleasure for me to stand here today and present to you, together with Mr. Adrian Flury, with the first Prix Serdang, which was launched this year. When Adrian Flury introduced me to his plan to award an annual prize to an up-and-coming pianist of the younger generation, I was immediately hooked. I was very happy to accept the role of curator and began to intensify my focus on young colleagues. […]

The Prix Serdang is an award for overall achievements or cumulative: for seriousness at the beginning of a career, for curiosity, versatility, and openness. All these attributes will always be of great importance throughout a pianist’s life. But the Prix Serdang is also an incentive to encourage pianists to continue on their current paths. It wants is designed to set an impulse to open up new possibilities, or to make long cherished dreams come true. Just as talents and attributes, such as stable mental and physical constitutions, are an artist’s obligations to seriously and steadily follow their chosen path, the Prix Serdang represents their commitment to become a professional pianist.

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Thomas Pfiffner (Management «Prix Serdang»), Martin James Bartlett, Rudolf Buchbinder, Adrian Flury

Photo credit: Tim Rod