Volume Eight of Martin Roscoe’s Beethoven Cycle for Deux-Elles includes an absorbing, electrifying and subtly dynamic account of the ‘Appassionata’ Sonata (Opus 57) that enthrals from first note to last – the pianist’s concentration is palpable as his fingers stride voraciously across the keyboard and with a magician’s hand as to varied touch, colours and volumes en route to a coruscating coda.

Difficult to follow – but Roscoe manages to do so with an expressive and rhythmically buoyant reading of ‘Les adieux’ (Opus 81a) that speaks volumes. The Finale, crisply enunciated, dances with joy and emotionalism. Finally, Opus 101 (A-major), in a probing and eloquent performance that delights through an ‘ink still wet’ quality – at once a blend of extemporisation yet sure of itself in every musical particular. Reverie, profundity and exhilaration vie for attention – Roscoe ensures that they are all-belonging.

Patrick Naylor has secured recorded sound in which no note or textural delicacy escapes our ears, and the booklet includes a conversation between Mike George (producer) and the pianist. Deux-Elles DXL 1168. Volume Nine, Hammerklavier, is keenly awaited.