NY Phil Announces Details for LIBERATION, 2022–23 Season’s Examination of Issues of Social Justice and Equity Through Concerts and Activities

March 1–4, 2023

Semi-Staged Concerts Conducted by Leslie B. Dunner, March 2 & 4

Collaboration with Interlochen Arts Academy, March 3

The New York Philharmonic announces details of LIBERATION, a multifaceted examination of issues of social justice and equity, March 1–4, 2023. LIBERATION is one of the NY Phil’s 2022–23 season initiatives that engage with the crucial questions of our time.

LIBERATION centers on two orchestral programs at the Wu Tsai Theater, David Geffen Hall, both conducted by Leslie B. Dunner, who remarked: “Liberation, for me, means not just being freed from the shackles of bondage or mind limitation, but also the freedom to dream, the freedom to be unorthodox, the freedom to fail, yet create beyond what was originally conceived. That’s truly liberating and liberated, as far as I’m concerned. And that’s what I want the programs to do.”

In addition to the orchestral programs, two free events, part of The Unanswered Questions and Take a Breath series, respectively, round out LIBERATION.

Conductor Leslie B. Dunner (photo courtesy of Dunner)