Edward Johnson writes … “Stokowski was a great admirer of Percy Grainger and in 1950 recorded seven of his most popular titles. These were newly orchestrated by the composer, at the maestro’s own special request, in the most colourful ways imaginable. In 1988, Oliver Knussen – a great admirer of both musicians – visited the Grainger Museum in Melbourne and discovered the scores and parts used for the 1950 recordings. The following year, he arranged for them to be brought to Manchester for a BBC Philharmonic concert. I don’t know for sure but this could be the only extant broadcast of the Grainger / Stokowski commissions performed as a complete set before a live audience …”

“Molly on the Shore … 1:20 Country Gardens … 5:15 Irish Tune from County Derry … 7:05 Mock Morris … 12:10 Early One Morning … 15:25 Handel in the Strand … 19:30 Shepherds Hey … 23:30″