Outhere Music is pleased to announce the acquisition of ICA Classics Limited, an English label
devoted to the publication of prestigious archival material. The label was founded in 2008 by
Stephen Wright and John Pattrick and boasts a catalogue of roughly 200 albums, in both video
and audio formats.
It is also home to the BBC Legends series, and to recordings of Richter, Toscanini, Giulini,
Tennstedt, Karajan, Michelangeli, Janet Baker, Barbirolli, Svetlanov, Rubinstein, Rostropovich,
Oistrakh, and Gilels.
The integration into the Outhere Music group will give ICA Classics the benefit of an experienced
support and distribution team. It will allow ICA Classics to pursue its exploration of valuable musical
archives and bring them to wider audiences.
Charles Adriaenssen, Founder and President of Outhere Music, says: “The acquisition of ICA Classics
is an important milestone in our development path. Outhere is the home of many of the world’s great
living performers, but so far, we couldn’t offer recordings of the great figures of the past. ICA fills that
gap. We’re proud and happy to team up with Stephen Wright, John Pattrick, and the ICA Classics
team, who bring a wealth of love and knowledge of these superb recordings.”
Stephen Wright, Co-Founder of ICA Classics, says: “I’m very happy indeed that the future development
of ICA Classics, and its worldwide distribution, has been secured through this new relationship with
Outhere. The variety and breadth of Outhere’s labels – and the qualities of personal attention and
understanding of each label’s particular strengths, is exactly what ICA Classics will want and need in the
future. So this is a perfect new home for the ICA Classics catalogue of historic ‘live’ performances.”
About ICA Classics
The ICA Classics label features archive material from sources such as the BBC, WDR in Cologne, and the
Boston Symphony Orchestra. The majority of its recordings are enjoying their first commercial release.
The ICA Classics team has also been instrumental in the success of many audio and audio-visual
productions over the years, including the origination of the DVD series “The Art of Conducting”, “The Art

of Piano”, and “The Art of Violin”, the archive-based DVD series “Classic Archive” – as well as co-
production documentaries featuring artists such as Richter, Fricsay, Mravinsky, and Toscanini. It has

also released unique performances from the world of dance, featuring footage from stars such as Dame
Margot Fonteyn, Nadia Nerina, and Svetlana Beriosova.
It also created the BBC Legends archive label launched in 1998 which comprised of more than 250 CDs
which are being re-released, as well as the audio series “Great Conductors of the 20th Century”,
originally produced for EMI Classics.
ICA Classics has also produced archive boxed sets for the Teatro alla Scala, the Royal Opera House
Covent Garden, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
About Outhere Music
One of the world’s largest independent classical music production and recording groups, Outhere Music
distributes its recordings all over the world. They range from early to contemporary music, by way of
jazz and world music.
Outhere Music emphasises production quality, strong ties with the artists, scrupulous attention to the
realisation of every project, and a keen interest in the new forms of distribution and relations with
audiences. The Outhere Music group was founded in 20045 by Charles Adriaenssen and is established
in Brussels, Paris, Milan, Cologne, London, and Mexico.

While the group’s best known labels Alpha Classics, Channel Classics, and Linn open their catalogues to
eclectic repertoires and artists of international stature, the other labels of the group: Ricercar, Phi, Arcana,
Aeon, Ramée, Outnote Records, and Fuga Libera, have very strong identities and offer outstanding,
though more specific musical experience. Outhere Music aims to fulfil its role as a major independent
and international production company, with a clear focus on high quality cultural products.